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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mornin Ya'all!


I couldnt even go back to sleep after kevin left for work at 3am so ive been up making youtube videos and soon will be trying to post as many as possible before we leave tomorrow for VACATION!!!!

I'm so excited!

anywho just wanted to say HEEEYYY!


Amistis Reudan

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Vacation

Its almost time for my favorite part of the year, when I can leave this crazy madness called life behind and just be with nature. On August 1st we are going to drive up to Boyne City Michigan, where a good friend of mine is getting married, so I will be missing Sabbat with my group once more---sadness. That evening we will be having dinner in town, then spending the night at the motel---kevin my sister and her boyfriend are all supposed to be going with me. The next day we are having the actual wedding around 11:30, and I found the perfect dress for 6.80 at Khols.

After the wedding we are having a picnic, then Kevin and I will be on our way to Glennie Michigan where we will go camping at the Alcona Park Campground. My sister and her boyfriend will just go back home, they couldnt get the time off from work.

We plan on being there until friday the 7th. Kevin has been going to this same campground almost his whole life, and its kind of a tradition now to go the first week of August. This will be my third year going. The first year we went with his parents and his brother and his grandma, last year his dad got layed off so they couldnt afford to go, and wouldnt accept our offer to pay for them. This year I'm not sure if they are going or not, his dad is still layed off, and money is tight, as well as tempers, so we'll see. The first year kevin and i were together i didnt go, but we were living together either, if i remember right i dont think i had the time off to go anyways, i was still working at mcdonalds then.

I am so excited to go, it had a huge lake so of course we fish all the time when we are there. Time slows down and we enjoy eachother. We eat together, help do camping chores, and all that, but my favorite part is at night-minus the skeeters that like to attack me--i hate my blood type!

I love when its night time, we got a toasty fire going, just the light of one lamp, and we are playing cards together---usually phase 10--my ultimate favorite card game! We got a lil alcohol too. but hey we arent going anywhere! Its the one time out of the whole year we actually get drunk, and it is just so nice. We can actually talk and stuff, not like we can here where we have so many distractions like tv phones ppl yelling across the street etc.

When we are out there, its like its just me and him and a sky full of stars....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Year Overview and Assignments

Sacred Birch Society
Second Year Study Program
Course Overview

PURPOSE: To provide individual learners more in-depth study of the history of the Craft and a structured approach to studying and practicing a particular Craft tradition.

PERIOD OF STUDY: approximately 12 months; variable depending on the learner and format

COURSE OVERVIEW: The learner and facilitator will investigate possible resources (books, web sites, tutors), and agree on reading assignments for history, theology / Deities, rituals, and divination related to the learner’s chosen tradition.

The learning will develop a detailed written report on each topic area, and after receiving feedback will work with the facilitator to develop some type of sharing of the learning in summation either via web posting, a mini-class, or a presentation at a Coffee and Craft Chat or some similar experience.


Develop a personal meditation cycle and submit a monthy meditation report.

Complete the “Pagan site assignment” Sometime during 2nd year studies please make plans to visit a “Sacred Site”. Examples of this could be one of many Native American sites in Michigan and throughout the U.S. American Stonehenge in NH and even Salem, MA would be an excellent choice. After you have selected your destination, write about why this is a Sacred Site to you and what significance it has on your spirituality. Write about the history of the area (ie: markers, museums, or people you find there). You may also include the original indigenous people of the area and their beliefs in relation to the site. Be sure to add a travelogue (a combination travel diary and reflection of your visit).

Complete the “History of Witchcraft”/ Ritual style essay assignment (note: the sharing of your learning for this assignment need only focus on your chosen tradition). Hint: ( my chosen tradition is Eclectic and I tend to gather information from Celtic, Egyptian and Native American Indians. Hope this gives you an idea.

Create a chart of major Deities/Patheons, include their attributes and major correspondences from your chosen tradition. (When starting this contact me for more information – and helpful handout).

Thirteen archetypes Goddess: Maiden/Virgin/Daughter, Mother, Crone/Dark Mother, Lover, Warrior, Huntress/Lady of the Beast, Healers, Queen/Creator, Goddess of the Harvest/Fertility, Magician/Shaman, Goddess of Justice, Goddess of Fate and Destiny, Goddess of the Underworld
o Pick 2 goddess from the archetypes discussed and write a short essay on each
o Write a short essay on the goddess that speaks to you most or the one that you are most interested in. Different from the 2 goddess archetypes you chose.
o Find an explain a creation myth from your tradition. It can include a god or goddess.

§ Twelve archetypes God: Sacred Son/Divine Child, Lord of Love/Fertility, Lord of Creation/Heavens/Father God, Lord of the Forest and Animals, Lord of the Healing, Trickster Lords, Lord of Judgment and Prophecy, Hero/Warrior Lords, Magician Lords, Lord of the Waters, Sacrificed Savoir Lords, Lord of Death/Underworld.
o Pick 2 gods from the archetypes discussed and write an essay on each
o Write a short essay on the god that speaks to you most or the one that you are most interested in. Please choose one not from question 1.

Complete the “Ritual and Marking of Events Through Your Chosen Tradition” essay assignment. Make a timeline of when you got involved with the pagan beliefs and the events you have attended/been involved with including celebrations/rituals attended, solitary rituals performed, lessons/studies, special events ect.

Write a ritual for each Sabbat. (Yule, Imbolic, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Mabon and Samhain)

Design and perform a ritual (the 8 Sabbats) from your chosen tradition sometime during this 2nd year study. When you have completed writing the ritual of your choice then arrangements will be made for you to perform the ritual at a SBS celebration. If you are shy, you can co-perform the ritual with another SBS member.

Pick one herb that you will work with for the course of the next year. Try to learn everything you can about this herb. Write a short essay on this herb. Things to include: origin & history, how it is grown, how it’s used in both magical and mundane worlds. Try to use it at least once a week, magical or mundane. Learn to identify your herb in nature, Family/genus/species, parts used, mundane uses, Rx/ treatment uses, warnings, and other information. (Different one from 1st year study).

Complete several divination readings of a chosen type from your tradition OR if your tradition is not known for divination, then select a type you have not explored before. (The selection must be different than your first year studies).

o ‘Why did you chose this divination
o What is the history of this divination
o How many readings did you do? Summarize the readings: Were you on target? Did your reading make sense to them? Is this form one that you will continue to use? What did you like about this divination? What didn’t you like?

Chakras: Make a chart including; naming, location, colors associated with each, and how to cleanse each Chakras.
Zodiac Signs: make a chart of the 12 astrological signs. Include:
o “Strength” Keywords
o “Weakness” Keywords
o Element
o Symbol
o Colors
o Gems
o Metals

Throughout the course, make any needed additions to your glossary or correspondence tables and submit updates of these at the end of your study.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My year 2 classes

Today I officially begin my year 2 classes with my group the sacred birch society.

I dont quite know what to think of the outline this time around, for the first year classes we had to wait for each assignment and were given a few instructions then turned in something like a report.

But this time we got the whole thing all at once and I am to do the assignments in whatever order I want however long I want but still have to wait the whole year and a day.

I dont know where to begin, and its not like the assignments are individual where i can work on one per month, because some are required to do throughout the whole year, such as a meditation schedule and report.

The main focus is on a particular tradition, but I am eclectic so I think it will be quite hard to form my assignments to fit these without following any structured outline. This one is a more free flying in the wind form.

I dont know I have ideas swimming around my head so maybe I'll work out a system of some kind, and I'll consult my other classmate and see what he thinks.

Throughout the first year him and i would work on assignments together compare notes etc, but this time if we dont do the same ones at the same time i dont have the window open to me anymore.

so until then i will wait and see his take on this and work on my ideas.....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Strange Encounters

Well this is what I saw....

We kept seeing these red pulsating lights, then they would just peter out without seeming to go anywhere. We can not identify what they were but we saw them at least four times. It wasn't an airplane or fireworks, but I don't know what it was, but I was mezmorized by it. If anyone has seen this before or has any clue what it is, please let me know! Thanks!

I found a similar video, its weird because its also from july 4 but from 2007 not 2009 and its all the way out in washington, and mine didnt have anything descending from it that i could see, it would just sit there, not moving then flicker out....

heres the other vid

So I asked my brother to look at it since he's in the airforce and this is what he said....

Jenn: im uploading it now
Bubba Lou: ok
Jenn: i looked up another one someone saw july 4 2007 in tacoma washington
Bubba Lou: hmph
(sent him the vid)
Bubba Lou: i know what it is
Jenn: what is it
Bubba Lou: its a mach i358 recon drone
Bubba Lou: prolly observing illagal fireworks
Jenn: what would it be doing here?
Jenn: why does it not move then flicker out
Bubba Lou: its the warning lights
Bubba Lou: so airplanes dont hit it
Jenn: hmmm im gonna look itup
Bubba Lou: im sure it wont show up
Bubba Lou: its mil grade
Bubba Lou: we use them alot for scoping out areas
Bubba Lou: im sure it was nothing important
Bubba Lou: i wouldnt stress about it
Jenn: hmmm

So I tried to look it up and he was right, absolutely nothing showing, so all I can say about that is...


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