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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finished my first assignment

I did my first assignment on the chakras.

I was trying to figure out a way to copy it to my blog but it isn't copying my tables nice so it looks like a mess. Ah well,its ok,maybe I'll figure something out....

New Idea, How Bout It?

I thought this was an interesting way to observe the changes of light and dark throughout the year...

"On my altar I will have 4 candles.... I have tried to figure out a simple but visually beautiful way of symbolizing Sabbats and their meaning, and here is my scheme into which this simple observance fits.

Yule - 1 candle lit during ritual.
Imbolc - 1 candle lit, a second during the ritual.
Ostara - 2 candles lit, a third lit at end of ritual or at sunset.
Beltane - 3 candles, one lit during ritual, making 4.
Midsummer - 4 candles, one extinguished at end of ritual.
Lammas - 3 candles, one extinguished during ritual.
Mabon - 2 candles, one extinguished at sunset or end of ritual.
Samhain - 1 candle lit, but extinguished during ritual."

What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

thoughts of an insomniac

and unable to sleep i begin to wonder if these thoughts of mine are there for a reason. As a result of recent nightmares i began wondering if maybe I should focus on this dark part of my life. Dark people of which I speak not of. Should I give forgiveness for their wrongs when asked of it frequently, should i refuse because their acts and unbearable unforgiveable? What does forgiveness entail? Surely not a clean slate or a pat on the back saying "its ok no harm done..." when in all truthfulness there is a lifetime of harm taking its toll on my soul... so in this night I ponder this darkness, wondering if maybe my wearabouts are unknown, because lately theres been nothing but bills waiting for me...not a peep from the guilty ones. What are the risks of me granting their request? Do I dare open that door again that I have closed so tightly and guarded with my every being? How long can I hold this back before it consumes me and destroys me? And if I do extend this favor, will it turn out to be a double edged sword? Will it in turn hurt me worse than I've been hurt already? Hopefully I will be granted a sign from the universe upon what path I should take, for this is not a decision to make light of, and I'm afraid it will have to be kept under cover, at least until I see how this can I make this end? So many questions I have but not sure if my answers will be truth or more lies....will I ever understand and be at peace.....not on this night at least...

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