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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preparing for Fall Outdoors

I have been busy this morning with getting my yard looking fall-ish. In about a week or so I will start setting up my Halloween decorations! But for now, with Mabon being tomorrow (And it is tomorrow when Libra is 1 degree, not the 24th as another witch tried telling me), I thought it would be a sensational time to plant some mums and some tulips and daffodils for next spring.

I used some of my compost dirt as well. It was very cool to see all the fat red worms crawling around in there. That's how I know it is healthy soil. I use it near samhain to bury my garden, so when spring comes back next year, the soil will be very healthy to grow my next crop.

I have the corn stalks that I grew myself on my porch by the steps, and my fall wreath on my door, with three ears of corn from Terry. It isn't feeling very fall-like out today, but it is very hot! So I thought it was a good day to head outside and get things done.

My other porch plants are doing very well: my marigolds, garlic, onions, and dianthus.

I got a call from a co-worker saying staffing put my name on the sheet, but I know I am not due back til friday, so I called them, told them I wasn't on today according to the final schedule in the schedule book and that I did not pick up any days for anyone because lately I've only been picking up thirds, and they said that I was right, their mistake, so I'm not getting in trouble for a no-call-no-show.

Also, another thing that irked me today was that I found an animal trap next door in my neighbors yard. It wasn't a live trap like we have used in the past (where the animal goes inside, steps on the trigger that closes the door, and just cages the animal, not hurting them in any way.) Oh no! Not this one. This one was upright, spring loaded, I used a stick to hit the trigger, and it flys down with a horrific SNAP! So if there was food on the trigger and an animal trying to eat it accidently puts any pressure on the trigger from trying to eat the food off it, its head would be smashed between two steel plates propelled by a big spring. How horrible is that! Or if they put their paw on it, and it gets squashed in there?

With the cats I take care of outside, I couldn't imagine one of them with that kind of fate. So after I set off the trap, I pulled it out of the ground, and now it's in my shed, which hopefully, handsome will take to the metal place where they take scrap metal so I never have to see that dreadful thing again!

On a better note, I don't work and have no school today so I think I will work on more of my 3rd year studies.

I will have leftovers from yesterday (Steak, mashed tater, yams, rolls, deep fried mushrooms, and baked beans!)

Blessed Be!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Late Night

I am sitting here online just going through my usual stuff. I am trying to blog more. It's frustrating when you cannot find time to do the things you want to do. It truly feels like there isn't enough time in the day, then again, I don't know how I would survive if the day was any longer! I get tired enough in just the 24 hrs we have here!

I didn't go to bed til 3 am yesterday (funny its almost that time again now!). I felt so drained, and I think I have come to the conclusion that I need to get a new pillow, cuz my old ones here are killing my neck. I wake up daily with a crick in my neck. love woke me up about 10 am and asked me if I wanted breakfast, and of course I couldn't turn that down!

What a great guy! Maybe that's his way of saying "thanks for getting me the goods to make me feel better!" He was running a fever and having chills and was lethargic. So I got him a bunch of feel good stuff and meds and a new thermometer and scoobie doo fruit snacks, gatorade, soup, etc.

I also found it adorable that he kept saying "come here, look at this", and naturally I said "what is it?" and being so mysterious as he is, he says "just come look", and sure enough, on the porch is a HUGE ORANGE PUMPKIN!

At first I was super thrilled! YAY he's on board with the seasonal change thing...maybe I can start putting up my Samhain decorations! Then it hit me....WHERE THE HELL IS MMMYYYY PUMPKIN! lol

But I thought it was really sweet, him cooking dinner and getting a fat pumpkin. Then after eating, we just sat on the couch, him letting me lay my head on his lap. We took a short nap before I had to work. I have felt so tired all day and my boobs hurt....they always do before my cycle. I'm getting a little impatient with that too....I know I'm due any day now, and I'm ready, but it just won't go! It'll probably wait til I have to work again, when I have to be on my feet all

Well, I think I'm going to take a long hot shower, pick up my midnight meal, then go to bed. I normally would wait til my love got out of work 5-6amish but I do have school tomorrow at 4p, and I don't want to feel like I did today. I do love my sleep....its when i get the best movies! From my head!

Ahhh can't wait til they can start recording them for playbacks!

Amistis Reudan

p.s. sry no photos!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today we had our Mabon Circle. I think it turned out very awesome! We didn't even mess up anything too bad, and the only thing that did was fixed before we were too messed up! (Just candles in the wrong quarters after moving the altar!) But even though it was a small gathering this time, I feel it was great! Would of been better with a fire going (I'm always cold has it is!) The food was awesome!

We had roasted chicken, coleslaw, bread, salad, green bean casserole, yammers!, wine and apple cider!!! Like a mini-thanksgiving!!!

It even felt like a fall-ish day. It was rainy and cloudy, a little cooler but not too shabby. OH! And I got to wear my new cloak. Its so heavy, but I really like it. I want to get more ritual garb, and try to get others on board with doing so. I don't know why, it makes me feel more official? I don't think that's the right word I'm looking like.....more in ritual mode???? If that makes any sense.

And I like the idea of a Degree System Bracelet or something like that. It would be nice to have something to show "hey I put all the work into obtaining this knowledge." I feel like everything is getting on track right now. We got a decent amount of donations coming in, we got an awesome place for ritual for at least another year, and we will do our best to get it for 2012 and every year after that.

Its amazing how much the feeling of ritual changes as members change. I really hope these two new members who just joined decided to attend next Sabbat. I posted in the Events on about our public circles. Terry helped me edit it so they have to join the yahoo group to get more info, like location. And just by having it posted for a few days, I got three new requests. It had almost 100 views last I checked!

Also, I paid for 4 days of ConVocation this year. I am really excited to go. We were going to get a hotel room, but Terry said we can drive each day. So we'll see how it goes when the time gets closer. I wonder what kinds of classes they will have. I wish I could go to all of them and video tape them. I don't want to forget anything!

Anywho, this is getting long, and I need to take care of some paperwork. So talk to you later!


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