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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half way there!

The moon has been there steadily. Today it looked kind of foggy but it fit in with the spooky environment with my halloween decorations.

I'm just happy to have it back where I can see it. My moms trying to find me a used computer, some company buys them from businesses that rent them out, then fix them up and resell them. So hopefully it works ok or I'll be grr.

Set up my altar for Samhain tho it still needs more work....

Love and Light


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good and The Bad

Well finally saw the moon yesterday....just a little toe nail. But I happy she has returned. Even Kevin noticed. I made homemade spaghetti sauce last night.

Now for the bad...

Monday night when I got home from work at midnight, I came home to my house tore to hell and my two computers missing and one of our camera and kevins work bag. We have been robbed...

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm Finally Initiated!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

o ok

duh new moon no wonder i havent seen her!


mabon circle tomorrow yay!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Past Three Days...

For some reason I haven't seen anything for the last three day...
I don't know if its just void of course of if maybe she just rises later than when I am outside? I don't know.

Got some of my fall stuff out, and still going to school...

Mabon is Saturday YAY Much is underfoot!

See ya later!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What A Day...

Yesterday was wonderful.I put new stuff--not really new just newly found in storage--then put some old stuff in storage, changing the look of my living room a bit---was gonna do more but i stopped everything and spent the rest of the day with cat at the laundry mat. Holy cow does that chick have laundry!!!!

It was interesting, while we were waiting for clothes to dry, we were watching the history channel--we got one of the workers to change it to that channel. There was a program on about the end of world predictions, then we started talking to the lady who turned it on for us. Cat was asking if she knew about Nibiru, and other things like that, and she said no so cat explained that its the 10th planet that is said to have an orbital path that will cross between our planet and the sun, and its gravitational pull will make our axis completely shift causing world havoc.

Then somewhere during the whole conversation the lady asked her if she goes to church, and she said we no we're pagan, and she abruptly stopped talking to us and walked away to talk to another customer who i assumed was a regular since she knew him by name. Meanwhile i must have been in lala land because cat said she told that man that we were pagan and he in turn said real loud "Whats Pagan?" loud enough for cat to hear while they all made eye contact and the lady looked embarrasses like oh shit they now know i was talking about them.

I swear i find the best times to space out. The woman was acting so prejudice it kind of bothers me. Considering how many blacks were there i was gonna say "So do you have a problem with us being pagan because you kind of ran away? Is it fair to hold prejudices against us like you would how they had against the blacks in this place?" --or something along those lines. Its not like i said "oh yeah i kill animals and babys and drink blood and satan is my homeboy" ya know?

Just irritates me.

Then i came home, cleaned, did some more housework, then made salsa. Kevin came home from work, he also helped with salsa. I thought it was really sweet. I liked how he just joined right in ready to learn how the process worked :D

He also brought me back a rock thats kind of shaped like a mentos, i love it!
And he saved a spider from the lake :DD Thats my handsome!
The moon that night was pale and clear. I had a wonderful day!

Today was another story....

Everything seemed to be going wrong, first off I had crazy scary dreams, then I woke early with the intention of getting to class early for a good seat, and then my car was dead. Corroded battery wires or something. Kevins dad had to come over, tried jumping it but it took him about a half hour of scraping with a box cutter and cutting his finger to finally get it to work. By then it was pointless to show up to class because it would be about over by the time i got there.

So i went about my day was going to try out my new pressure canner thing and do green beans, but then i got a call from one of my nurses saying i was supposed to be there a half hour ago---i forgot i picked up a day of a fellow aide, so i changed real fast and made it just past four. Luckily the person in the other hall saved my ass and did my vitals for me! The night wasnt too bad, just a lot of confused patients.

I got to see the moon on my way to the store to pick up some milk, juice, cheese sticks, choc. chips, and chex. I'm watching the girls tomorrow so i had to get some supplies. I'm thinking of breakfast if they havent ate yet, then for lunch mac n cheese and making puppy chow. I was going to look up mabon kids activities maybe to do with them.

The moon was that huge golden color again, but its almost half gone now. Its weird how its not even divided into a straight line, i kind of bends. Its hard to explain, just gotta see it.

Well since i gotta get up early with the girls im gonna go. I'll tell ya what mabon idea i come up with yay!

Love and Light

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Golden Suprise!

Well today was the first day of school, not too shabby but I can see a lot of work in my future. I had two hours to burn between classes so I visited cat and she made me lunch and we chatted about the workings of the world, her future, and life.

After class I spent the rest of the evening cleaning and reorganizing my storage unit. I feel much better now that its completed and checked off my to do list. I wish I had more daylight though because I was rushing to get it all back in as the sun went down. I could barely see by the time I left and the skeeters were attacking me. The worst part was all the nasty spiders ick!!!!

Then I went to the store to forge for dinner....I was gonna do bbq ribs and mushrooms taters and moosetracks, but kevin called and told me just get the mushrooms and well have fish since he just got done bluegill fishing with his dad. So I got the mushrooms, moosetracks mmmm, and two more boxes of redrose tea.

I gave them to kevins mom, but i kept the figurines. I keep trying to get the fall ones, but so far i got the february march and april one. I got an extra cupid so im going to give it to lily. They are the perfect size for the altar.

Now kevins cooking dinner and im blogging. Tomorrow i have class at 930, then i wil come home and work on more canning. Mild salsa this time and maybe some veggies if there is time.

Anywho back to the moon thing, i didnt think i was going to see her tonight. It had been dark a few hours and still nothing but black sky. Then on my way home with kevin i saw her. She was still low in the sky so she was HUGE and golden. So bright that i couldnt see any stars from inside my car. It looked like something out of a movie. The deepest black sky contrasted by the BRIGHT golden gigantor moon!

I feel like i accomplished a lot today, and am feeling pleased with my first day of class. I hope tomorrow is just as inspiring!

Love and light, and blessings
Amistis Reudan

New Blog

I just created a 2nd blog, this one is directly in relation to my 2nd degree class. One of the requirements in a meditation log, and i think this will be an easier way for me to document my meditation sessions and make access easier for my teacher to see it.What do you think?

link below:

Monday, September 7, 2009

Moon Updates and Nature

Saturday night as I stared up at the night sky, the moon was bright in the cloudless black mass. Though the full moon was just the other night, signs of waning have already begun. On my walk during my break at work I begin noticing signs of fall. Leaves are changing to brilliant reds, not many but a few early ones, acorns litter the path I walk. and there is a noticable decrease in the number of geese near the pond. I saw my animal guide, and he kind of startled me because I didnt expect him to be so close. I didnt even know he was there until he took off and all I heard was a gush of air.

Sunday the moon was even skinnier. I think shes losing weight heehee. I found a tuft of deer fur, but somehow lost it once i got inside. I also collected some fallen red leaves and baby acorns for my altar. I can feel the change in the air, and sense it everywhere I got. I wonder what is in store for us this winter. Work has been pretty crappy, thus my mood was not as chipper as usual. I feel like something is off, maybe because my Goddess charm keeps falling off my chain. It was laying in my bed when i woke this morning...hmmm. Fell off during work too, so i gave it to kevin to fix and now its ok.

Monday-Labor day- working again. This day was considerably nicer at work than the last four days I worked. I was caught up with everything, and even had spare time on my hands. Something is wrong with my car now. Sounds so terrible when i try to start it like it has no energy at all, like my battery is on E. But if i keep trying to start it, it eventually gathers enough to start, then it goes like nothing was wrong to begin with, could it have anything to do with the new virgo and aries charms i hung with my pentacle on my rearview mirror? perhaps, or it could just be an old POS that it is lol. The moon was ominous looking when i left work. It was a bit more cloudy today, so the moon looked foggy and sort of sepia toned. Not sure if that means anything. Saw my goose today, i hope he makes it through the winter since he cannnot fly with him bum wing. I feel so bad for him.

Tuesday-First day of school. No more sleeping in for me lol. I'm kind of excited and kind of not. I am happy to be making progress towards getting my life in motion to where i want to be-my life is kind of hinged on my finishing college and getting my nursing degree. Need the income for a house, want to be married and have a family. But until then my life is at a stand still. Great motivation dreams are. I also am not too thrilled because it means ill be busier than i already am, with homework and deadlines, as well as my witchy class and assignments, and working so i can pay bills, not to mention the millions of other things that are included with daily life, like family cleaning the house cooking garden care etc.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beginning My Full Moon Challange

For one whole moon cycle I will keep track of the moon, her presence and its effects of my mood, my life, my thoughts....

So here we begin...

The full moon was last night, there were hardly any clouds to obstruct my view. There she was just shining bright and full. I forgot to look and see the exact time of the full moon (12:02p). But within two days of it, there was no doubt it was near. I could feel it.

I had to work yesterday. It was bad enough being a friday, where usually we have a lot of discharges and admits to keep me busy. But last night wasn't like that. I was still super busy but with tons of different things, and census was so low, they closed a lot of room which caused them to pull a person, and cut us down to three on the floor. I just couldnt get caught up for the life of me.

The energy this moon just feels strange, and I woke up today with my goddess charm off of my chain, where as the other two charms remained.

Thats all for now!

Love and light!

Amistis Reudan

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