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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

I am totally ready for spring. Its officially here, and I hear rain is on the way :: giggles ::

I have bought a few seed packets, though I still plan on going to Meijer as I always do to scope out their selections...

For those who I haven't told yet, I got my letter from the college, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to be accepted into fall clinicals because of lack of room. So I must reapply for the winter semester.

I can't even begin to explain how disappointing this is to me. I feel like a failure and like I will never be able to get on with my life. All that I'm waiting on is getting done with college so I can afford a nice house, a car that isn't so questionable, get married, have babies, you know, normal life milestones. I feel like I have been stuck in school forever, most of the time having to take things that aren't even pertinent to what field I'm in. I mean really guys...Art and Philosophy and shit like that?
I know they mostly only care about the money, and want me to crawl til my hands and knees are bleeding before they'll let me in. I'm not giving up, but it doesn't stop the depression and anger that has set into my soul. I just want to be DONE!

On a better note, we have been doing more things as a family. We have went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D as a family with my sister, her boyfriend, kevin, and lily and myself. The only bad part of that day was taking lily to the bathroom and realizing that the girl before us didn't bother to flush her nasty bloody tampon, so I have to deal with a worried, scared, confused five year old and lie to her and say its just juice or something.

(I really wanted to just tell her she'll learn later because she knew it was blood, and I didn't want to be the one to tell her then have her mom go crazy on my ass because I told her the truth ya know? If it were my own child I surely would have told her the truth right then and there. The joys of having to deal with the ex!)

We also went with Lily to her class field trip to the children's museum. It was pretty cool, she loved the wall climbing the best, and I loved the HUGE play house! I always wanted one as a kid but we could never afford such things.

She also had her 5th birthday the weekend we had her before her actual birthday. I got her lots of crafty stuff from Hobby Lobby because I knew she'd love it, plus she asked specifically for some rabbit furs so I had to go there anyway to get those.

So every day she is here, we do at least one project. So far we have done bird houses, and a picture frame. She still has a mosaic yard stone thing, tooth fairy boxes, and garden stones that you paint.

I'm not sure if I work tomorrow, I think I have it off, so I plan on cleaning my house and maybe catching up on some school stuff so its out of the way. I'd like to get some witchie assignments done too, because I haven't made it to my goal, to be done by Ostara. I did however perform my first public ritual.

We went to Terry's house because she was nice enough to let me use her place where I was familiar and knew it had the space and light I was looking for.

Out of the 11ish people who RSVP'd that they would be there, only these people actually came:

Alyvia (Cat's 3 yr old daughter)
Don 2
Deanna (Terry's friend-non-pagan)

I was wracking my brain trying to think of something to use to cast my circle, and as the Goddess would have it, I used Jelly Beans that Cat was gracious enough to let me use.

I think it turned out very well, the only part I messed up was I read a line in the wrong order, but it turned out ok, just threw everyone off for a second heehee.

I had never been more nervous. And I think I need to practice the Cakes and Ale portion a little more. That was my most uncomfortable moment and think it could have been a lot smoother.

Also, I want to look into learning more about Reiki. Not sure how to go about that, but I'll see what I can find...

Thats it for now, time to get my beauty sleep!

Blessed Be!

Amistis Reudan

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