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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Herbal Protection Blend

Ingredients and Items Needed

Bowl for mixing items (I have this wooden one I bought specifically because its earthy)

Sea Salt (I used to use just table salt, but I tried sea salt and I love it so much more!)

Basil (Fresh is best for each herb, but dried herbs from your baking cabinet work well also)

Rosemary Leaves



Crystal Quartz


Process and Tips

You can add the herbs in any order, but I like to add the sea salt first, to purify the bowl in a way before we actually start "cookin."

I also like to mix as I go, and some people like to mix widdershins or deosil throughout depending on the purpose, but I like to wait til the end.

Add the sea salt and herbs, mixing as you add each item.

Then add the crystal quartz, to ground the energies and help sharpen the focus of the intent.

Take the athame, insert it into the mixture, and mix it together counter clockwise.

Someone asked why counter clockwise? Because im using it for banishing the bad stuff, and thats what my focus is, counter clockwise is for banishment.

My Focus/ Intent



Remove Negativity


Ask the God and Goddess for their blessing, and say words of power

"Youth, Father, Sage....

Maiden, Mother, Crone....

Let it harm none,

By the power of three,

By the Lord and Lady,

So Mote It Be!"

And now you have a protection mixture.

You may now be asking,

"What do I do with this mixture once it is complete?"

I usually go outside on the full moon (to figure out the exact date and time of the full moon, consult your llewellyn magical almanac, or simply visit

This month happens to fall on Sunday June 7, 2009 at 2:12 pm.

I channel some of the full moon energy into the mixture, with the help of the crystal quartz we added earlier.

I then walk the perimeter of my land, sprinkling the mixture as well has visualizing a wall of protection, and all images that pertain to my intent, such as a lock, happy things, etc.

I also do the same for the perimeter of my garden to protect it from the elements and bugs and other harmful things.

Thats it! This mixture can be made fore every full moon, or whenever needed. Sometime I keep a jar full just in case of emergencies, plus having some in the house will strengthen the protection as well. Sometimes I also follow the same process with a smudge stick after I am done sprinkling the mixture so kind of strengthen the spell. Change the herbs as needed per intent. There's no telling how many adaptaqtions are possible!

Blessed Be!


  1. love this!!! you should do more of these ^^ I love it jenn very well done. I love that you practice the craft and would love to learn more from you. Plus I havn't seen you in forever, we need to hang out sometime. Plus if you wouldn't mind taking on an apprentice ^^ I don't learn so well from books(part of my learning disability) and learn better from hands on and having it taught to me. anyway hope you have a great day!

  2. ive been trying to explore more, its just so hard to focus sometimes when life gets in the way, but i try to make some youtube videos here and there, maybe tomorrow ill compile a rough sketch of ideas to get me going, who knows....hoping to start year 2 of my ordination classes with SBS, tho it looks like im gonna miss these next two sabbats :( its ok ill have to improvise!

  3. oh noes! *hasn't celebrated any sabbats or esbats since samhain XD with COTR* good luck on your ordination! How is sbs doing anyway?

  4. Lol well now I don't feel so bad! Its kinda of rocky a lot of stuff we dont agree with, but its getting through the year, i wish we could of made it to the ligon center this year but they said its booked the whole year on the days we wanted it, so we dont really have a permanent place


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