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Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Tomorrow is our Ostara ritual....and really looking forward to it. It is sure to be a lot different than what we usually do! And it's nice to have a break since I led the last 2 for my 3rd year requirements. I still have one more (Beltane) and I have to do a mock life-event ritual.

I am been in a super cleaning mode. My home is not very messy to begin with being that I am the neat-freak-Virgo that I am, but it doesn't keep little piles of stuff from accumulating in hidden places.

It all started with Kevin cleaning his side of the closet out, so I cleaned out my side and put stuff in storage, then I cleaned the rest of the room, cleaned up my witchie books and altars, and started a new one for moon time, not sure yet what I'm going to do with it though, right now it's set up, but I have yet to figure out a routine that I would like to get in to honor the Red Tent time.

Then I tackled my desk and all the papers that needed to be filed, plus cleaned out my file cabinet because it was so full I had no room for anything else to be added. Cleaned my pantry, got dishes and laundry caught up (which of course will never be completely done, it's a daily thing in my home), my counter tops are organized, cat boxes clean, trash and recycling have been to the road and picked up, organized my cork board, took care of my animals things (plus got them up to date on shots, neutered my only one who still had parts lol, got new id tags, plus the one who got neutered also got microchipped), organized my herbs and made their labels better, and cleaned up other odds and ends.

I still have to tackle the mess under my kitchen sink that is super unorganized and my storage closet in the bathroom.

Then I think I will be all set until the weather gets good enough to organize my storage unit and outdoor shed, and then I can begin readying my gardens and flower pots. My daffodils and tulips have been above ground for a few weeks now, they aren't really large, but they are big enough to tell which is which. Really looking forward to the blooms---its my first year with daffodils, and i planted more tulips because last year someone chopped off all the heads of the few i had, and if you are a tulip planter you know that it takes from fall til spring for them to finally sprout, and tulips only make one flower per bulb a year, so once the head dies, its gone, at least until the next year, so you can imagine how angry i was!

Oh yeah, I forgot, I also just spent a good hour in Lily's room organizing her dresser and bedroom going through her clothes and taking out what no longer fits to put in storage, and make room for newer clothes. I got her a few really cute spring dresses that I can't wait to dress her up in.

I bought some really nice things for my garden from hobby lobby last week that I can't wait to put up. I found some really heavy cast iron hooks, one moon and one sun, to hang on the back of the shed above my garden, and i got a nice hanging cast iron plate looking thing that hangs from three chains i was thinking of using for offerings since the squirrel wont be able to get into it.

So this is the major stuff happening this week

Saturday - Ostara Ritual/ Super Full Moon
Monday- Kevin's 27th B-day (Taking him and his parent's out to Fudrucker's for dinner)
Tuesday- HESI test for school (entrance exam needed to get into the program)
Wednesday- one of my best friends is scheduled for a c-section at 3:30p for her baby boy Kade
(They said I am his godmother/ fairy "witch" mother lol)

So it's gonna be a fun busy week!

Hope you all are having a great time and are getting ready for spring as well!


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