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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sight, Seeing, and Such!

Went to get an eye exam today, and to get new eye wear. Good news is the doc said my eyes are very healthy, that the prescription is the same in both eye (they weren't 5 years ago when i had my last exam---well overdue!), and that my prescription has been staying relatively the same, which is great!

The part I hate most is the glaucoma test, you know, the one where it blasts each eye with air! Yeah I really hate that, I ALWAYS jump, then feel foolish lol.

Then after that, I got a "contacts 101" class to practice putting those little bugger in and taking them out. Not as easy as I thought because you really cannot see what you are doing, and if you blink, you have to start all over again!

But once they are in, they aren't so bad. First time getting them in made my eyes all watery and red/bloodshot, but that quickly went away, and the second time I did it was like I was a pro. Now my hard part is removing them, but I think I have the maneuver down. I'll have to take them out at about 2p today (its 1:20p with now) because I am only supposed to keep them in for 4 hrs today, then increase by 2 hrs each day for a week until I go back for my follow up appointment. They showed me how to clean and store them, and what to do if I drop them etc.

I guess the kind I got are "soft lenses", the really floppy bendy kinds, that are good for 2 weeks, remove at night, I believe the max time to wear them at one time is 14 hours, after my 1 week of adjusting to them. I have to kind of build up to the 14 hrs.

Then I got to pick out my new frames. Some may say I'm a stickler, but I went for the closest ones I could pick to resemble my old pair. I like them being small and thin frame, not those big chunky dark frames.

I also got to pick out a nice pair of frames for sunglasses. I haven't been able to wear sunglasses in over a decade lol. (Since about 5th grade.) So this is a big deal for me. It will be so nice to be able to wear them when I'm fishing!

So I got to take the contacts with me to adjust for the week, and I have to wear my old glasses for 7-10 business days until my glasses and sunglasses are done and ready for pickup. I am so excited, and LOVE not having to wear glasses to see!

I can't even begin to describe how nice it is not not be stuck with metal on my face, and can actually look like I'm SUPPOSED to look as nature intended! And to still be able to read and see!


That's it for now.

Time to try takin these suckers out before work --- my 4 hours are almost up!


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