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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Up In The Wee Hours....

Good morning everyone!

I have been having a weird habit of getting up before the sun this week. Not quite sure why, its not like my sleep schedule has been that messy lately....

I do think it may have something to do with the full moon. The full moon is this morning at 9:36am and we also have a lunar eclipse at 9:32am. It is also known as the "Long Nights Moon."

Tonight is my work's little christmas get together called to Po' Folks Ball [for us poor folk lol].

I went shopping yesterday for the rest of my Yule gifts but i think i overspent my funds, so today i have to take some stuff back [which i will just have to repurchase with my next check, i wont need them til after christmas anyways].

My poor tree has seen better days. Unfortunately my little black kitty, Salem, aka Chubby Wubby has taken it upon himself to undecorate the bottom half of the tree, so slowly night after night the ornaments are making their way to the top half of the tree, making for a very unbalance tree.

I got some great deals yesterday at a consignment shop [one i used to go to for my school dances to get my dresses] and got a very cute satiny purple dress for the dance tonight, some clothes for handsome, and lily--she really needed new pants and for 4 bucks a pair you cant go wrong! Then i found the clearance rack----found a few good workout shirts for a dollar a piece! I just couldnt pass it up!

I also found a nice suit for 9 bucks [the last suit i bought cost about 70!] but unfortunately when i got home i realized it wasnt in my trunk with the rest of my stuff. I do not know how i missed it in the bagging process [and i get sooooo peeved when i buy things then leave them at the store---such a waste!].

This will be a busy week for me. Besides the usual school and work, i also need to finish some paperwork for our church's council meeting/ update member forms [which are done i am just double checking everything and updating other records], i need to write and plan what to bring and do for our Yule ritual which is also the same day we are doing our Yule dinner with the inlaws.

I love this time of the year but i soooo cant wait for it to be over and get my life back to normal. I love winter---not for the cold or the snow or the holidays [tho those things are still ok--minus the cold i hate being cold!] but it is the time of the year when i can wall myself up in my toasty little house and have some inner journeying/ me time and work on projects i have been putting off.

I really want to get into making more candles, i have a lot of things for it which i purchased long ago this past year but i have yet to take the time to really delve in and experiment with styles and colors and consistency etc.

How cool it will be to finally be able to make all of my candles myself---so much added energy!

I really would like a mini-taper mold but have yet to find one. I do have pillar candle mold and votive so that will be good.

Anywho i will get off here now and try to wake up handsome....he wanted to go hunting this am!


Just had my first week of kettlebell--today will be day 3, and i can really feel it in all my muscles. Its a lot of work but i know it will be worth it!

Love, J.

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