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Monday, February 2, 2009

Blessed Imbolc!

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So far today I got up at the crack of dawn for class. Its not as warm as yesterday, there's a bit of crisp in the air. I drove to school, went to Algebra, then found a cool new spot to do my studying with my 2 hrs between class. I like it better than my other new spot because its got a whole wall of windows and the sun was shining through it making me warm enough to shed my coat. So its almost 11am, so I go up to my Philosophy of World Religions class only to find out it was cancelled and I sat there for 2 extra hours for nothing...go figure. So I got home a bit early, the clouds have started rolling in. I fed the kitties, then decided to run to the store. I got more eggs, cake mix and frosting with sprinkles! little debbies and a bag of doritos with the two different kind of chips to snack on, dry cat food and cat treats. Then I realized we were almost out of milk and I forgot to buy some so I swung into the gas station. When I got home I shoveled a path to the back yard where my garden hibernates and my bird feeders lay barren. Then I go inside, take the little bit of milk I had left and pour it onto the part of my garden I uncovered, and watched it melt the snow, as I thought of a plentiful, healthy garden. Then I make the jug into another bird feeder since the squirrel destroyed my other one. Filled them up with the last of my seed, and on the way back in, it went from spooky quiet to tons of loud chitter chatters from the birds like they were saying "CHOW TIME!" So now I am going to bake my cake. Later I will do my ritual after my love goes to work, and I don't know what it'll consist of yet, but I do plan on incorporating melting snow into it. So I'll be on later to add whatever I end up doing! Blessed Imbolc!

Ok I'm back again, did my ritual thingy, posted a new vid on youtube. Posted pics of my ritual on

Right now I am melting snow, then straining it through a coffee filter, then boiling it to kill any remaining nasties, then when its cooled down, I shall store it for future ritual use. Good old snow water!

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