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Thursday, September 10, 2009

What A Day...

Yesterday was wonderful.I put new stuff--not really new just newly found in storage--then put some old stuff in storage, changing the look of my living room a bit---was gonna do more but i stopped everything and spent the rest of the day with cat at the laundry mat. Holy cow does that chick have laundry!!!!

It was interesting, while we were waiting for clothes to dry, we were watching the history channel--we got one of the workers to change it to that channel. There was a program on about the end of world predictions, then we started talking to the lady who turned it on for us. Cat was asking if she knew about Nibiru, and other things like that, and she said no so cat explained that its the 10th planet that is said to have an orbital path that will cross between our planet and the sun, and its gravitational pull will make our axis completely shift causing world havoc.

Then somewhere during the whole conversation the lady asked her if she goes to church, and she said we no we're pagan, and she abruptly stopped talking to us and walked away to talk to another customer who i assumed was a regular since she knew him by name. Meanwhile i must have been in lala land because cat said she told that man that we were pagan and he in turn said real loud "Whats Pagan?" loud enough for cat to hear while they all made eye contact and the lady looked embarrasses like oh shit they now know i was talking about them.

I swear i find the best times to space out. The woman was acting so prejudice it kind of bothers me. Considering how many blacks were there i was gonna say "So do you have a problem with us being pagan because you kind of ran away? Is it fair to hold prejudices against us like you would how they had against the blacks in this place?" --or something along those lines. Its not like i said "oh yeah i kill animals and babys and drink blood and satan is my homeboy" ya know?

Just irritates me.

Then i came home, cleaned, did some more housework, then made salsa. Kevin came home from work, he also helped with salsa. I thought it was really sweet. I liked how he just joined right in ready to learn how the process worked :D

He also brought me back a rock thats kind of shaped like a mentos, i love it!
And he saved a spider from the lake :DD Thats my handsome!
The moon that night was pale and clear. I had a wonderful day!

Today was another story....

Everything seemed to be going wrong, first off I had crazy scary dreams, then I woke early with the intention of getting to class early for a good seat, and then my car was dead. Corroded battery wires or something. Kevins dad had to come over, tried jumping it but it took him about a half hour of scraping with a box cutter and cutting his finger to finally get it to work. By then it was pointless to show up to class because it would be about over by the time i got there.

So i went about my day was going to try out my new pressure canner thing and do green beans, but then i got a call from one of my nurses saying i was supposed to be there a half hour ago---i forgot i picked up a day of a fellow aide, so i changed real fast and made it just past four. Luckily the person in the other hall saved my ass and did my vitals for me! The night wasnt too bad, just a lot of confused patients.

I got to see the moon on my way to the store to pick up some milk, juice, cheese sticks, choc. chips, and chex. I'm watching the girls tomorrow so i had to get some supplies. I'm thinking of breakfast if they havent ate yet, then for lunch mac n cheese and making puppy chow. I was going to look up mabon kids activities maybe to do with them.

The moon was that huge golden color again, but its almost half gone now. Its weird how its not even divided into a straight line, i kind of bends. Its hard to explain, just gotta see it.

Well since i gotta get up early with the girls im gonna go. I'll tell ya what mabon idea i come up with yay!

Love and Light

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