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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Golden Suprise!

Well today was the first day of school, not too shabby but I can see a lot of work in my future. I had two hours to burn between classes so I visited cat and she made me lunch and we chatted about the workings of the world, her future, and life.

After class I spent the rest of the evening cleaning and reorganizing my storage unit. I feel much better now that its completed and checked off my to do list. I wish I had more daylight though because I was rushing to get it all back in as the sun went down. I could barely see by the time I left and the skeeters were attacking me. The worst part was all the nasty spiders ick!!!!

Then I went to the store to forge for dinner....I was gonna do bbq ribs and mushrooms taters and moosetracks, but kevin called and told me just get the mushrooms and well have fish since he just got done bluegill fishing with his dad. So I got the mushrooms, moosetracks mmmm, and two more boxes of redrose tea.

I gave them to kevins mom, but i kept the figurines. I keep trying to get the fall ones, but so far i got the february march and april one. I got an extra cupid so im going to give it to lily. They are the perfect size for the altar.

Now kevins cooking dinner and im blogging. Tomorrow i have class at 930, then i wil come home and work on more canning. Mild salsa this time and maybe some veggies if there is time.

Anywho back to the moon thing, i didnt think i was going to see her tonight. It had been dark a few hours and still nothing but black sky. Then on my way home with kevin i saw her. She was still low in the sky so she was HUGE and golden. So bright that i couldnt see any stars from inside my car. It looked like something out of a movie. The deepest black sky contrasted by the BRIGHT golden gigantor moon!

I feel like i accomplished a lot today, and am feeling pleased with my first day of class. I hope tomorrow is just as inspiring!

Love and light, and blessings
Amistis Reudan

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