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Monday, September 7, 2009

Moon Updates and Nature

Saturday night as I stared up at the night sky, the moon was bright in the cloudless black mass. Though the full moon was just the other night, signs of waning have already begun. On my walk during my break at work I begin noticing signs of fall. Leaves are changing to brilliant reds, not many but a few early ones, acorns litter the path I walk. and there is a noticable decrease in the number of geese near the pond. I saw my animal guide, and he kind of startled me because I didnt expect him to be so close. I didnt even know he was there until he took off and all I heard was a gush of air.

Sunday the moon was even skinnier. I think shes losing weight heehee. I found a tuft of deer fur, but somehow lost it once i got inside. I also collected some fallen red leaves and baby acorns for my altar. I can feel the change in the air, and sense it everywhere I got. I wonder what is in store for us this winter. Work has been pretty crappy, thus my mood was not as chipper as usual. I feel like something is off, maybe because my Goddess charm keeps falling off my chain. It was laying in my bed when i woke this morning...hmmm. Fell off during work too, so i gave it to kevin to fix and now its ok.

Monday-Labor day- working again. This day was considerably nicer at work than the last four days I worked. I was caught up with everything, and even had spare time on my hands. Something is wrong with my car now. Sounds so terrible when i try to start it like it has no energy at all, like my battery is on E. But if i keep trying to start it, it eventually gathers enough to start, then it goes like nothing was wrong to begin with, could it have anything to do with the new virgo and aries charms i hung with my pentacle on my rearview mirror? perhaps, or it could just be an old POS that it is lol. The moon was ominous looking when i left work. It was a bit more cloudy today, so the moon looked foggy and sort of sepia toned. Not sure if that means anything. Saw my goose today, i hope he makes it through the winter since he cannnot fly with him bum wing. I feel so bad for him.

Tuesday-First day of school. No more sleeping in for me lol. I'm kind of excited and kind of not. I am happy to be making progress towards getting my life in motion to where i want to be-my life is kind of hinged on my finishing college and getting my nursing degree. Need the income for a house, want to be married and have a family. But until then my life is at a stand still. Great motivation dreams are. I also am not too thrilled because it means ill be busier than i already am, with homework and deadlines, as well as my witchy class and assignments, and working so i can pay bills, not to mention the millions of other things that are included with daily life, like family cleaning the house cooking garden care etc.

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