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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Ok first of all I dreamed I think 6 dreams last night. I do not have time right now to write about them in detail so I'll just promise you this....I got class in 45 mins...roads are bad cuz its snowing so I have to leave early, but when I get home I shall share the details and my thoughts about them. If you think this is strange to have so many dreams, well, welcome to my world. I think thats why I am so tired all the time because my mind is never at rest, even when my body is. So anywho, I'll be back later to continue this thing! Stay Tuned!!!!

Ok I'm back, the roads are awful out there today! So anywho this might be long in the end so might as well get started...


I was somewhere with a lot of woods, possibly camping. My sister was with me and some guy I don't know. We stumble upon a quiet river with a waterfall. We are sitting there talking when we see this mangy looking white dog, possibly a sheep dog mix, walking towards us. So I go out and grab it by the leash it was dragging (a green leash) and bring it back into the covering. There is a stop sign in the middle of the clearing, so I tie to dogs leash to it so he cannot run away. I notice the tags on it and tell my sis we should call the owner to let her know we found her dog. On the tag tho it had a screen name that is like mine for school but was mixed with different numbers and a different .com at the end. There was also one for my friend cat, like a webpage or screen name for her. The number I call starts with 000-and my sis said that meant it had to be a collect call, but instead of the person I'm calling paying for the minutes, I had to pay for the minutes. So I get this woman on the phone, shes super happy and relieved and i almost start crying because I know how awful it is to lose a pet and you can't be sure someone will call you if they find them. But then the woman was asking me a bunch of questions like where is he now, I said tied to this stop sign and she about flipped out, saying not to tie her baby up, and was sayin how last time he got out this kid found him and when the kid was on his way back to give her the dog he saw another dog and started chasing it, and the kid lost the grip on the leash so she never got him back, so I argued back that its all the more reason to tie the dog up. Then she wanted me to call Cat, but I told her I think she has the wrong address and number for her because she recently moved. And I remember saying how strange it was to have my info from online and Cat's info from online on the same tag of a dog that is hundreds of miles away from own home town. Should have figured I was dreaming then right? lol. So anyway it turns out the woman lived right across from where we were, and on my way to take the dog back, it ran away from me chasing this other dog, but he stopped to spray the ground to mark his territory, and the other dog (im guessing was female) was sniffing and following him, but he did end up going home. I was pissed at the lady tho because she didnt say thanks or anything, just gave me a hard time about the whole thing.


So next I go back to the clearing by the waterfall, but I notice a wall, and this man comes up behind me saying hes gonna kill me like silence of the lambs, so somehow i get this giant hammer like the ones mario has lol, and i smash thru the wall, its like the walls to my trailor, they are thin and hollow, and inside this wall theres a hot water heater, so i smash the next wall inside the one i just smashed and it keeps goin like a loop, smash wall, see water heater, walk into hollow space, smash next wall, see water heater, walk into hollow space, smash next wall,etc, until I finally am outside again. So I run as fast as i can with this hammer in my hand, and the man behind me kept screaming "Silence of the Lambs!" so I turn around to throw the fat hammer in his scary face, but it was too heavy to aim well with so it missed his face and flew over his shoulder. I kept thinkin SHIT SHIT SHIT!


So eventually I make it back into these woods on the other side of this camp. Its really thick so I lost the crazy killer guy. Soon I am surrounded by a family of wolves. There were a couple baby ones, a few old ones, and a few middle age ones, but there werent many all together. They were just walkin around, some resting, some looking for food, and one was sittin on this ledge of rock. I happened to be right next to that one on the rock but it wasnt acting aggressive or scared, so i put my hand out for it to sniff me, and it licked my hand, so i pet it like a doggy lol. Then I heard Lydia (the lady i work with) behind me say "You know petting wolves is illegal?" I had no idea i said lol. She said it didnt matter anyways because they are dying. I said what do you mean they got some babies right over there, to continue their blood line? But she said the old ones will die first then the young will die, then the middle age ones will grow too old to produce more and they will die and that will be the end of it. I felt so bad for them, so I ran out into this field. I guess it was a kind of hunting ground, for there were squirrels and rabbits running around all over, like a little woods party lol. I could sense indians hiding in the bushes and I was hoping they werent upset with me for being there. I kept thinking the wolves should hunt here at least they can have some small game to eat. I look up and see a tree with dark cherries on them. I wanted to eat a few, but they were so high up, i tried jumpin but still wasnt high enough. So i grabbed onto a branch so see if i could pull it down to my level and all these baby praying mantis's we falling out of the tree down my shirt on my face up my arms. Needless to say i was freakin out major time cuz those are prickly critters and they bite! (I was scratchin all over my body while i was sleepin so much it woke me up lol.)


Next I was in some kind of Chinese parlor, I guess its kind of like a Chinese Harem (or however you spell it.) I was disgusted at the way these girls were bein treated, like slaves and being abused verbally and physically, so i took my peach flavored hand sanitizer and poured it into this evil man's (i think the one runnin the thing)cup to poison him. They suspected something was wrong tho and were after me for some time but i do not remember much else happening. Lots of red chinese decor.


I was in a lecture hall at school. Two boys were passing out papers, I think to vote on something, not sure what. The seats were stadium style, and the room was circular. To my right was my sister and her friend Krystal, and to my left were their two friends William and David. I was in the middle of them but it didnt seem like they could see me, or just didnt talk to me. So I'm sitting there listening to them commenting on Mandys (my sister) hair, she dyed it a reddish color, and got some new clothes and was lookin well. They were telling her they almost didnt recognize her when they saw her since they havent seen her in such a long time.


Next I am in a public restroom, im in the stall tryin to change my shirt, but I have like 3 to choose from so I try them all on. Half way bewtween changing shirts I hear Tina (Kevs Ex) and Lily (Kevin and her's daughter-my future step daughter) enter the bathroom. She put her on the toilet that wasnt in a stall it was out in the open and left her there. Lily started crying and saying her potty itches and it wont stop and I feel sad that her mom just leaves her like that, so i go out there and see she has a really bad rash and yeast infection, and I wonder how it got so bad and why hasnt she been to a doctor. Then I start thinking its because she isnt with her when she goes potty so she doesnt wipe real well cuz shes only 3 (almost 4!). And I feel guilty that theres nothing I can do for her since I have no legal power to do anything for her because shes not my baby. But i Clean her up and wash her hands and take her to go find her mom. Thats all I can remember.

So there you go, 6 dreams in one night, probably would have been more if I didnt get up at 6am and went back to sleep for an hour. So thats it for now! Hopefully these aren't boring to ya'all, its just my crazy brain at work!

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