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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Imbolc Ritual



Yesterday was my sister's and my bf's dad's birthday, so for my sister's bday we went out to GBI, where they have the best pizza ever. I was hoping to get a good pic of my bf, me and his daughter, but found out my camera was dead, so I snagged this one above of him, tho the lights make him look like he's in hyperspeed.

We went to our President and Secretaries house for ritual because the nature place we usually go to was already booked. So we went there, and had a nice ritual. I loved the room we did it in because there was a lot of light from the tall windows. The sun even came out to greet us! Afterward was the best because we pulled up chairs around the altar table and just chatted about all kinds of things. Like coven politics, about our classes, about each other and our experiences, and it was great because I felt like I understand them better, and I think its great for that bond we have. I got there about 12:30p and I didn't leave til after 6p thats how into it we were. I got an awesome card thing from my teacher there and a pack of cards. I learned some great stuff like about how altars should be set up, and which ways to call quarters and if they even need to be called in the first place. I cannot wait until we can get outside again! I have also been volunteered to make the pink stuff again, which is the best pink stuff anywho I think I shall post the recipe on here for ya'all if you'd like to make it sometime. It easy, no cooking involved just mixing and it tastes mmmmm great!

Pink Stuff

2 boxes cherry Jello mix
1 bag mini marshmallows
2 sm cans of fruit cocktail (or any kind of fruit you like)
1 lg container sm curd cottage cheese
2 sm containers cool whip

Mix together cool whip and Jello mix until thoroughly mixed. Next add fruit cocktail and cottage cheese. Last, add marshmallows. Some people also add shredded coconut but I hate coconut so I leave it out. Thats IT!

I'll try to write more tomorrow or later tonight, we'll see!

p.s. just posted another youtube vid-nothing special just a quickie! TTFN!

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  1. That pink stuff sounds yummy. I think I'm gonna try that one! :) Blessed be!


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