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Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Official!

So now I have begun this journey, and I would like to dedicate this Blog Spot for strictly my magickal studies. That which I discover, I shall share with the world. At least it will give me some kind of organized way of presenting information, and to make it easier to look back on my growth over the years. It's a new year, and now it is time for something new! So here I am, I shall try to keep posting regularly, but if I get behind, please forgive! I am a busy woman at time (school, work, life!) But I will do my best!!!

So far on my magickal agenda:

Tuesday January 27th 2009, 6pm at Coney Island
I have a meeting with my witchy group, and then the monthy area witches meet up, dinner!

Then...Saturday January 31, 2009 at our presidents house
Imbolc Celebration pot luck to follow. I've never been to his place before, we usually have it at the great nature preserve place, but we had scheduling conflicts, so it'll have to do!

Maybe I will make a post about this location, its quite nice!

Thats it for now!

much love Blessed BE!!! xxoo

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