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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Spiderwick Pictures, Images and Photos
I went to my friends house to do witchy stuff. We are comtemplating opening an online business. It will take a lot of work, but I think if we learn what to do and actually get stuff to sell we'll be ok. I want to get a good herb book, she works at Borders so she has access to a ton of them and they let her borrow books. She had two that I love because they are easy to follow, very informative and the pics are great! I wish it was SPRING! Then I could get dirty and dig in my garden and try to make a better one than last year, and I pray my tulips that I abducted from an empty lot will bloom. I want daffodils for next year too, they are the first sign of spring to me because they are one of the first to sprout!

My kitty girl just hopped up here, she feels neglected I suppose. I left a little after 2 in the afternoon to go to her house, and didn't leave til about 4am, and I was up since 5:30 am, so I was up for 23 1/2 hours straight last night. So I had some dreams but nothing significant enough to remember much, so I won't write about those. We didn't do much at her house, but it was just nice to be able to get out of the house for a while and touch base with my other magical friends, and have some girl time. We were working on our witchy stuff for a bit, then her ex came over to have a kind of meeting about their baby and laying down some ground rules, had some tasty nachos! Watched Underworld-some movie about vampires and warewolves (i prob spelled that wrong...) then we played the sims for a while, and theres an evil old bat on there that i kept getting into fist fights with. I loved that i could make my kitty on the game, and it even looked like her!

We made a garden in the back yard, and my house was purplerific! (new word!)And my outfit was purple shirt with black pants (love that) and a purple/black witches hat--how awesome is that! Later we decided to make a new family and house based on Sailor Moon, the anime cartoon. God how I loved that show! She looks just like Serena/Sailor Moon, and I was Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno! But we didnt get to finish it. We did make it looks great tho, changed the walls and floors, built some new walls, we had one of those mysterious book cases where you pull out the right book and the wall spins so you are in another room (or in our case, your outside.) Of course we had a garden and we were right on the water of i think a lake or river or something. We made the whole wall windows so you can see the whole view, I loved that house. It went from cramped and shabby to open and cozy.

I wish it were that easy to rennovate homes and move and there was a "motherlode" of money to spend lol. Then we watched the Spiderwick Chronicles after waiting hours and hours for it to load. We had tater tots and chicken fingers, white oreos and milk, blue cheese/hot wings doritos. They were mmm tasty. Made some peppermint tea too, after a million trys cuz we kept forgetting about the water heatin on the stove so by the time she went back to get it there was hardly any water left for the tea. Then it was 4am, kevin was getting out of work so I left and we got home at the same time. Took a shower, then he told me I could sleep, he went fishing, and now hes back and sleeping (should be gettin up at 2 (6 more mins)), so im gonna go now start my car so its warm then im off to work for the day.

My sis's bday is tomorrow so we are going to the GBI for the best Pizza EVER! Then Saturday Cat and I are going to our Imbolc Circle! TTYL BB TTFN! Toodles!

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  1. Oh! I love ths sims, it's such a great game! And thanks for subscribing :) Have a great weekend!


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