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Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm so excited!

I finally figured out how to make an intro type thing for my youtube vids.I see so many other ppl have one, so I thought it would be cool to figure out, so I was dabbling and I made one! It just takes like an extra 15 mins to attatch it to my vids, of which take hours to upload just the vid on youtube (thats why i cant post very often very much, only if I have a whole night to myself.) Also I finished making all the Magickal Glossary Videos, I just need to upload them now. So like I said, its just a matter of having time to do so.

Took more excedrine for my headaches, that works to get rid of them sometimes, but then I am wide eye'd all night, and thats not good seeing how its 4:34 am right now and I have class at 8am to 12:15 pm then I have to work 3pm-11pm. I'm gonna be a tired girl once this shit wears off.

Maybe I should go back to the docs?

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