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Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Light Of The Full Moon....


Working on My Tat

My Tat

Working on Tat

Katis Tat

I decided to get my very first tattoo, and man did it hurt like a million razors being dragged across my back!!!!

Its still sore today, mostly near my spine because I'm boney. The guy who did it was real nice, cancelled an appointment to finish mine and stayed past closing to finish it.

I hope it stays looking as good as it does.

I got a purple sun with my Virgo sign in the center. He made it look so good, too bad i can't keep looking at it cuz its on my back. And it is impossible for me to take a pic of it on my own, my arms just dont bend that way lol. But I did get pics taken by my friend kati who went with me and also got one, so the pics are posted on my myspace's.

and I am thinking about making a vlog of it so maybe i can get it on camera that way, then ill post it to youtube under

It will surely look good this summer!!!!


Happy "Worm" Moon everyone!!!

(Kati got the moon and starts with her gemini symbol while i got the sun with my virgo symbol)

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