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Monday, March 30, 2009

Just sitting here...


Yeah I'm at school right now using my new Dell Mini. I also hooked up a wireless router from Belkin at my house so now I can get online more instead of waiting for my honey to go to work so the computer will be free haha. And this little thing is like 2 lbs so its easy to travel with. I got a case for it too so it looks like a planner, but its my computer. Its awesome!!!!

I have 2 hours between my algebra class and my philosophy of world religions class so I used that time to set up my wireless for school cuz they make you register the computer and stuff like that. My good friend makes me laugh. She has all kinds of ideas but I have no idea where to start let alone how she thinks she can come up with the money for all that. She wants us to open an herbal shop together, start a witch school/day care thing, start our own coven, things like that.

Plus its almost impossible for me to find time at this point in my life. Work and school keep me pretty busy, and I try to spend time with Kevin as much as possible because we usually are on opposite schedules. I was at my friends house til almost 3am yesterday. Planned on being home around midnight so I could get a decent nights sleep before having to go to school at 7am-12:15 pm then I will get home right before 1pm, when Kevin will be getting ready to leave for work himself around 1:15pm. Then I have to get ready for work 3-11pm then thanks the Goddess that I have tomorrow off, totally, no work OR school. I am going to sleep in for a long effin time lol.

Well thats about it for now.
oh yeah the Goddess suprised us with an ass load of snow yesterday, so much for thinking Spring has Sprung. My lettuce and radishes and a strawberry plant have sprouted out of my seed starter thing I rigged up, so thats at least happy things!!!

Blessed Be!

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