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Saturday, April 4, 2009

5 day stretch

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I have to work the next 5 days, and school on two of those days. Its gonna be rough. After the first three days I start to get a little burned out. Trying to figure out something to do for the full moon next week, but not sure if I will have enough time to really plan it out the way I'd like to.

A lot of people I have come into contact with, as well as myself, have been feeling a bit blue. I don't know if maybe it has something to do with this changing weather, or the fact that we got a crap load of snow coming again right when we all thought spring was really here...I don't know.

I just hope that the Lady will lend some positive energy to all those who need it this next week so we can all kind of recharge our internal batteries. My seedlings are doing well for the most part. Still a few that haven't emerged yet while otheres are going crazy so I just keep spritzing them and rotating them in the light. I also added a fan on low because kevins dad said they need to build up a resistance to the wind and become stronger. That way they do not snap in the wind once I transfer them outside.

Last night I attempted to cook a real meal, but it didn't turn out the way I planned. I wanted to do goulash in the slow cooker but it got all mushy so I ended up throwing it away. I burned myself on my potatoes that I roasted in olive oil garlic rosemary salt and pepper. I dropped them into the bottom of my oven and made the house full of smoke. Then I almost ruined the rolls by takin them out of the oven too early where they were crispy on the outside, but I took them out, bit into one and got a mouth full of dough, so I put them back in for a few minutes and they were great.

That teaches me not to cook all that stuff for one person and alone lol. I could have had some serious issues! Well thats about it for now. Oh yeah, I made a pogo account at as mooseph2005. So now I can play games with my hunnie bunnie!!!!!

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  1. Hi. I just realized that I am aslo sub'd to you on YouTube (I'm phanie12 on there). Love your vids. I am trying to learn from you how to sprout my seedlings. I will be trying that possibly when I get back from our cruise. Your dinner sounds goos anyway. Keep plugging away at it. ;)


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