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Friday, April 10, 2009



She sits in the dark
No lights to be seen
except for the glow
of the computer screen

no sounds around her
nobody to care
just the furnace blowing
out warm comforting air

her love is gone
out working til after noon
and she sits in bed awake
under the light of the full moon

her tummy rumbles
to the pantry she seeks
something to snack on
easter candy she sneaks

as time passes on
her ass cheeks go numb
she's still sitting in bed
feeling like a bum

her hair is a mess
no shower last night
if she went outside now
she would not feel right

people would stare at her
wondering whats wrong
but she'd just ignore them
whistling her song

her eyes may be red
and her hair all a mess
but thats just because
she has insomnianess

you may say that
its not a real word
but ya know what
i dont give a fuck terd

yeah see what happens when i cant sleep!


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