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Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Apology

Sorry for not posting more on the lessons or on life or anything for that matter.

Been working a lot and getting close to no sleep

Seriously i could sleep standing up right now

exams to study for this week, tests are in a week on monday morning

worked last 4 days, one 12 hr day, got today off, work tues, then 10 days off

walleye fishing opens midnight 4-25-09 technically tho i still think of it as 4-24-09 cuz ill be awake.

kevins transmission in his truck is effed so he is in the process of removing it, and will hopefully have it done by wednesday--fingers and toes crossed

so one more class and then maybe just maybe i can sleep for longer than 2 hrs at a time without having to be somewhere or do something

posted a quick video on youtube on my mooseph2005 channel, so check it out if u want to hear be blah about this junk lol

i look like crap so be warned

well i gotta head to my last class now

was so hoping it would be cancelled but theres really no reason it would be

wishful thinking

well for real this time

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