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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something new....

Well today I decided to try out my new wheels----my bike that is....

I got it for yule from my mom, and this week she brought it to my house since I cant fit it in my car..or at least I dont think it does.

I think the front rim is bent cuz my tire wobbles a bit when i ride it, and it was making a clicking noise when i ride, but when i changed it to 4th gear it quit, so i guess ill keep it on that one.

Seems weird that its got problems already when its a brand new bike ya know?

I can handle a wobbly tire and i got to clicking under control, i just need to get a better seat that doesnt feel like a rock under my ass, and maybe metal peddles so they dont break, and i have to figure out how to put the water bottle holder on it.

But i am happy to have a means of ourdoor exercise, i used to ride everywhere all the time, but as i grew up my life seems overrun by work and school and i find it hard to find time to do the things i used to do on a daily basis, like ride bikes go swimming and playing in the woods...

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  1. My bike had a clicking gear when I first got it too. HAd to bring it back to the bike shop to get it fixed. It shouldn't do that. Also had to get a squishy big comfy seat for my butt! Yep, it looks like a grandma seat but I don't care. I'm comfy.


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